Friday, 24 June 2016

Greenhouse Botanicals

Beret~Vintage/ Bows~Vintage/ Top~Zara/ Skirt~H&M

Hey there!

It has been a mad old week, rain and shine all at once. My sister and I took a very much needed sibling outing on Sunday and wondered around the Royal Botanic gardens in Kew. I love going there every now and again to remember that London isn't all dull and grey, there is still beauty and greenery when you go searching for it. 

I even matched my outfit to the surroundings and felt very much a part of nature! I must have had this skirt for about 8 years and even though the hem is a mess and threads are coming out of it, my goodness it is still one of my favourites. 

It was a lovely 'Escape to the country' kinda day and we had a right old giggle and ate way too many sandwiches.

Do you have a secret getaway spot?

Lots of love

Monday, 13 June 2016

Painting The Mountains Red

Dress~ H&M/ Bag~Vintage
Hey there June bugs!

So, I have been to Turkey...again, for the third time this year. It really is starting to feel like a second home. This time I have been up in the mountains in Ovacik, at a beautiful hotel named Sahra Su. I would really recommend it, as you have the best of both worlds. Whether you enjoy being amongst the other Brits, laughing away and sunning yourself by the pool; or if you are more like me and enjoy the quieter side, there are plenty of traditional and cultural Turkish villages and magical paths to walk down.
This bright burnt orange/ red dress from H&M really was a god send in that heat. You can probably see from the pictures what a clammy, pale tourist I was. But, nevertheless I had another wonderful time trapsing through the mountains, spotting lizards and turtles and of course gorging myself on the heavenly food. I came back a few days ago with a cheeky tan and a very full belly!

It has been quite hard to adjust and settle back into the busy, rainy race of everyday London life and I am really looking into saving a bit and just running off to a beautiful country to live my days out at the market and the beach; well, one can dream anyway :)

I hope you have all enjoyed the first few weeks of official summer and have lots to look forward to in the coming season.

Lots of love,

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Archive By Alexa

Hat~ Ebay/ Blouse~Marks and Spencers/ Skirt~Vintage/ Shoes~Topshop

Hey my lovelies,

So, I am sure you have all seen the 'Archive by Alexa' collection, a collaboration between Alexa Chung and Marks and Spencer. I'm sure I am not alone in saying that I wasn't too sure what to expect from the highly spoken of ensemble of pieces that came out last month. But, when I saw this Harry Blouse, with its frills and thrills, I couldn't help myself. I chose the blouse in pink, as I find white shirts a lot more difficult to style, which is a bit strange I know. Anyhow, I absolutely love this piece to...well...pieces and I cannot wait to style it with more of my wardrobe. 
In just a few days I will be turning twenty-five, so I thought I would bring all of my pastel pieces out in the humid sun for some snaps.

What do you think of the Archive collection?

Lots of Love, 

Thursday, 5 May 2016


Top~Urban Outfitters/ Trousers~ H&M/ Shoes~Primark/ Hat~ Vintage

Hey beauts,
The month of May is upon us, my favourite month of all :) Not just because it is the month of my birthday, but it is also the beginning of the real summertime and everyone appears more vibrant and positive. 
I adore my new 'Bonjour' top, I picked it up in the sale as I couldn't have justified paying the full price of thirty-two pounds for a basic tee, But as soon as I saw it at a fraction of the price, I had to snap it up. 
I went for a long walk with my bestie Shade, in the beautiful grounds of Richmond Park on the bank holiday. And despite the rain and wind, it was lovely to see deer running free and plantations of bluebells and magnolias. 
Also, it is so rare for me to wear a pair of trousers, but these cropped little numbers make me still feel girly and they go with a lot of pieces in my summer wardrobe. I always like to try something new.

I will put up my April favourites in a few days, a bit belated I know-but my schedule is so mixed up at the moment.

I hope you are all well and enjoy the weekend of sunshine that is about to arrive.

Lots of love, 
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