Saturday, 7 May 2016

Archive By Alexa

Hat~ Ebay/ Blouse~Marks and Spencers/ Skirt~Vintage/ Shoes~Topshop

Hey my lovelies,

So, I am sure you have all seen the 'Archive by Alexa' collection, a collaboration between Alexa Chung and Marks and Spencer. I'm sure I am not alone in saying that I wasn't too sure what to expect from the highly spoken of ensemble of pieces that came out last month. But, when I saw this Harry Blouse, with its frills and thrills, I couldn't help myself. I chose the blouse in pink, as I find white shirts a lot more difficult to style, which is a bit strange I know. Anyhow, I absolutely love this piece to...well...pieces and I cannot wait to style it with more of my wardrobe. 
In just a few days I will be turning twenty-five, so I thought I would bring all of my pastel pieces out in the humid sun for some snaps.

What do you think of the Archive collection?

Lots of Love, 

Thursday, 5 May 2016


Top~Urban Outfitters/ Trousers~ H&M/ Shoes~Primark/ Hat~ Vintage

Hey beauts,
The month of May is upon us, my favourite month of all :) Not just because it is the month of my birthday, but it is also the beginning of the real summertime and everyone appears more vibrant and positive. 
I adore my new 'Bonjour' top, I picked it up in the sale as I couldn't have justified paying the full price of thirty-two pounds for a basic tee, But as soon as I saw it at a fraction of the price, I had to snap it up. 
I went for a long walk with my bestie Shade, in the beautiful grounds of Richmond Park on the bank holiday. And despite the rain and wind, it was lovely to see deer running free and plantations of bluebells and magnolias. 
Also, it is so rare for me to wear a pair of trousers, but these cropped little numbers make me still feel girly and they go with a lot of pieces in my summer wardrobe. I always like to try something new.

I will put up my April favourites in a few days, a bit belated I know-but my schedule is so mixed up at the moment.

I hope you are all well and enjoy the weekend of sunshine that is about to arrive.

Lots of love, 

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Blue, Blouse & Tulle

Earrings~Topshop/ Blouse~Zara/Skirt~Vintage/Bag~Vintage/Socks~Primark/Shoes~Topshop

Hey there lovelies!
 I hope you are all well :) I have been on another Turkish adventure recently, I can't seem to get enough of that country. Going to Turkey always puts me in a positive, chilled mood and helps me to think about what I really want from life.
Spring has really risen its head in the last week, with the sun shining and the trees all blooming like crazy. It really is the season of new beginnings. I will be turning 25 in a few weeks time and this season always help me to decide what I want from the next.
This Zara blouse has been worn to death by me over the past month, it just seems to go with absolutely everything I own. I love mixing white with bright pastels and feminine fabrics and that is what I was trying to achieve in this ensemble.
I will be off to Greece in a few weeks time, I really seem to have the travel bug this year! I can't wait to relax on a beautiful Island, eat fresh fruit and take in the lovely sights.

Have you got any summer plans?

Lots of Love always,

Monday, 21 March 2016

Boy Scouts

Hat~Vintage/ Dress~Asos/ Shoes~Office

Well hello there lovelies!

Wow, well that was a long long break...nearly 6 months I believe. Time really does fly:)
I won't go into all of the reasons as to why I had a lil cheeky vacation from blogging and instead I will say let's look onwards and upwards.
This Asos dress I scavenged in the sale a month or so ago, I love the cross-stitch detail and the fit is tight but still comfortable. It isn't often I wear all black, but with the weird weather so far in 6, it has been a colour I have been embracing a lot.
Anyway, here is to the beginning of a new chapter, which is technically where I left off. It is Spring after all.

Lots of Love

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Woods, Watches, Writing

Flower Crown~DIY/ Dress~Topshop(sale)/ Vanity Case~ Vintage/ Watch~c/o JORD

November the first, I cannot believe it! I hope you all had a spooky Halloween and lots of sweets :)
I have been meaning to post this for a while, but after my little holiday to Amsterdam I have only just found the time. 
Autumn is really upon us and there is nothing like a Sunday stroll through the leaves and crunching through the colours of crimson and mustard. 
I was gifted this watch from JORD in the summer and thought it was fitting for it to match my outfit as it is entirely made of wood. They have very unique designs and are very environmentally friendly! Nature should always come first :)
On another note, I have begun writing my first proper book. After a long while of writers block and feeling like everything I had scribbled down was just awful...I finally feel like all my ideas are coming together. 
Christmas is drawing ever closer, oh where has 2015 been running off to?

Lots of Love

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